Once a consultant always a consultant

Once a consultant always a consultant
3/3/2014 3:20:18 AM

I spent the last many years as a consultant.  Only once I came to Texas did I sort of stop that.  Where as I used to move from project to project every 6-8 months, once I got to Texas I have pretty much been dedicated to working on Dell projects in some form or another.  I started by going to work for SpeakTECH where I quickly found myself on a Dell project.  Then Perficient bought SpeakTECH…I stayed on the Dell project.  Then Dell bought me and my team and brought us over to Dell full time.  When that project ended I moved over to dell.com.  Dell Dell Dell.


Well - it is time to branch out a bit and get back to my consulting roots a bit more.  Don’t get me wrong - I love Dell.  I still work at Dell.  I would like to work at Dell for many more years to come.  I just need to get out there and meet some other folks.  See what they are working on.  Lend them a hand.  And stay fresh!

I feel that seeing the inside of several companies, dealing with their issues, interacting with other developers, seeing and touching new technologies on new projects, being forced to think about new problems and new solutions - is hands down the best way to keep yourself current.  Allowing yourself to be stuck in the belly of a beast is the easiest way to quickly get out of touch with reality.

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